Faith and Pretence

There is no such thing as a perfect Christian, but as a Christian, I strive to better myself through my walk with Christ. Living your life for the Lord does not mean struggling to attain saintdom. That is a palpable absurdity. But loving Christ is not a polyamourous relationship. Being saved means giving your life to God, and altering your lifestyle by affecting change.

Do not advocate that which you reprove. Hypocrisy lies in indulging in what one claims to condemn.

Practise affability, perform random acts of kindness, and be gracious in your words. I am fortunate to have people in my life to remind me of the latter.

Incorporate prayer into your daily life. Ask for strength, virtue, and acceptance, but also give thanks. Sometimes we become almost too content that we forget to be grateful for what God has blessed us with.

And remember to not hold ourselves righteous over the sins of others, for we are all sinners, and we all falter.


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