Sometimes when you’re following your dream, you find another.

Since I was ten years old, my first love has been photography. I dreamed of shooting sporting events and couture fashion. I played with different cameras and would have friends pose for me. Wherever I went, I had a camera with me. I shot for myself and no one else. I was an artist.

I studied art at uni and began freelancing as a portrait photographer. I eventually shot concerts and events, as well. My plan was to move to LA to extend my network to continue shooting glamour and band photography with the connections I had made.

But men plan; God laughs.

In 2006, I found myself in church on my birthday. I wasn’t there to worship; I was there for a business networking lunch. I took it as a sign and began attending regularly. I was surrounded by people excited to be worshiping God. However, although my body was there, my heart wasn’t fully committed. Later I would be invited to Evangel Temple, now my home church. It was there I found people who not only spoke of the gospel, but lived it. Along with worship, living for Christ was their passion. I became involved in the young adult program to worship during the week and meet other Christians. Through my new friends, I was able to involve myself in Christ-centered charities. I fell in love with Jesus, and found a calling in missions.

A year later, I continue to shoot, but with a different purpose. I work in missions but still bring my camera with me. I try to capture the heart of what we’re doing to spread Christ’s love and inspire others to seek Him.

We are all blessed with a talent. As Christians, it is up to each of us to use that gift to glorify God and seek the lost.


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