What To Do (And Not Do) That Your Photographer May (Or May Not) Tell You {Columbus, GA Wedding Photographer}

DO show up on time. We are paid for our time and talent, and could disrupt our scheduling. We cannot allow your shoot to run late into someone else’s time slot.

DON’T invite us to a party or event and ask us to bring our camera to “possibly get some really good shots”. We don’t like being taken advantage of because of our profession.

DON’T not pay us. Bartering is acceptable in some cases when negotiated up front, but remember this is how we put food on our table.

DO appreciate us. Yelling or ordering us around is rude to anyone, but do you really want to piss off the person hired to make you look good? By the end of an event, we have sore feet and full bladders.

DO trust our expertise. You don’t have to examine every shot we take, and we aren’t going to let you. It wastes our time. We take several to ensure you look your best. Our work represents us, so no one will ever see a bad shot of you.

DON’T sweat blemishes. Part of our fee includes the time it takes to airbrush any problem areas out.

DON’T ask us if we have a “slimming” lens or if we can Photoshop you to look prettier or skinnier. It’s uncomfortable and we do our best in post-processing to make you look as flattering as possible. However, we aren’t miracle workers, therapists, or plastic surgeons.

DON’T tell us how great of a photographer your friend so-and-so and can they follow us to get some tips. We pay a lot for our training and education.

DON’T steal our work. If we put something up and you want to repost it on your Facebook or MySpace, don’t crop out our copyright or not give us credit. That’s stealing.

DON’T tell us you’re a professional model when you aren’t and then expect us to tell you how to pose. We can tell.

DON’T cut your hair the week of a shoot. It will look like you just had your hair cut.

DO come “camera ready”, unless a make-up artist and/or hair stylist will be working with you. Have your make-up done, hair fixed, nails polished, teeth brushed, and shaven, otherwise let us know ahead of time that you plan to get ready at the shoot so time is scheduled accordingly.

DO have a good time. If you’re upset, stressed, or tense, it will reflect in your photos.

DO offer us a glass or bottle of water during your wedding, concert, or event. A hydrated photographer is a happy photographer.

DON’T pressure us to drink alcohol when we’re on the job. We appreciate the offer but drunken photography is as appealing as it sounds.

DON’T ask us to stay past our allotted time without compensation. A few extra shots equals a few extra hours of post-processing time.

And finally, DON’T assume you’re the best we’ve ever shot. We photograph lots of bands, models, weddings, families, and babies, and we DO appreciate every all of them for their own separate but equal special qualities.

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