Before & After: Happily Ever After {Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer}

I wanted to create a “Happily Ever Shot” at a recent wedding in Pine Mountain with our couple, Clare and Don, strolling along to begin their new life together. However there were other people wandering up and down the trail, leaving us with a small walking space to work with. What I ended up doing was capturing them walking up a section of the trail (Shot A) and superimposing them onto the road leading up to the peak where they had just wed (Shot B). First, we had to make the street look more trail-ish, though. We removed the speed limit sign and double-yellow line from the road, making sure any shadows cast across the asphalt matched (Shot C). Next, we placed our newlyweds alongside our new path in a separate layer (Shot D), erasing areas around them to blend the grass, leaves, and trees, but leaving them with their shadows. Finally, we flattened and converted our new image into black and white. Cropping in a bit tighter, we burned the edges to create more focus on our couple. While a bit time consuming (but not as long as using enlargers in a darkroom), we’re very happy with the final product and hope you enjoy it, as well!


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One Response to Before & After: Happily Ever After {Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer}

  1. Great job! The finished product is awesome.

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