Animal Control {giving back}

Recently, someone I know was looking to buy a dog. I sent her links to pictures of adoptable fur-babies at Animal Control. I told her she’d be saving a life and giving love to a dog that desperately needed it. With each photo, she said these dogs were ugly and ended up buying a Maltese for an insanely cheap price, which can most likely mean one thing: she bought from a puppy mill. It is this mindset I’m out to break. I went to Animal Control to photograph a few of the cats and dogs, not behind a cage, but where their playfulness could really be captured. PLEASE consider adopting from Animal Control before looking elsewhere. These sweet animals have been abandoned and all they want is love and a forever home.

Visit our facebook page or the Happy Homes fan page to find out the adoption status of these sweet fur-babies.


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Photographer for Bella Muse Photography
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