Congrats, ReShonda! {columbus ga model photographer}

We want to congratulate ReShonda Parker, a contestant in America’s Next Natural Model. This competition consists of several challenges that each model must go through to survive elimination. Models receive tips from the judges to take to the next challenge. An overall winner for that challenge is also presented. Armed with a new photographer (Bella Muse) and makeup artist (Caras by Mabani), we braved a thunderstorm to capture the Tahitian look that judges favoured for ReShonda to put her in second place in the competition! Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

Congratulations, ReShonda!

Makeup: Caras by Mabani


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11 Responses to Congrats, ReShonda! {columbus ga model photographer}

  1. Amanda Brown says:

    Congratulations! Keep making Columbus proud!! Great job!! We’re cheering you on all the way!!!

    • Awww Thank you so much for that Amanda!!!! πŸ™‚ If you want, you can vote for me each week at the site I have my next Challenge #4 on the way! I appreciate the support so much!

  2. Temeshia Washington says:

    congrats! You look amazing! What a way to showcase some of the talent we have here in Columbus!

    • Thank you so very much Temeshia!!! I appreciate that and please feel free to check out the site and cast a vote each week :). I am going into Challenge 4 now! Appreciate your support!

  3. Kee Melody says:

    Way to go gurl!!!!!! Keep it up

  4. Congrats girl i was looking forward to seeing you at the cloth diaper class but looks like you will be busy!

  5. Alisha Liker says:

    Congrats ReShonda!! Look at all the support you have.Way to go & great pic by the way

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